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What should you pay for Social Media Consulting and why Negotiate Ethically?

What to pay for Social Media & the Implications of Negotiating too hard?

When I was working for my father’s wine business I had the fortune to sell to our US importer; he was educated at Harvard and my father was educated at MIT.

It was all about the value added services we would provide and not just the price per bottle. He was ethical in his style and thankfully I had a good teacher! Continue reading

Social Media Marketing & Productivity

Social Media Marketing – Time Wasting ?

Over the last few weeks I have fortunately had the opportunity to train a new team member and this in itself was an exciting prospect, the problem was I actually didn’t realise how addicted to technology and in particular social media I was.
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Adobe #DigitalJourney Workshop

Fantastic Marketing Insight Workshop With Adobe

This morning I attended a superb workshop to learn more about the digital roi. Here are some useful slides and a short video that will help you to understand more about the digital journey.

A digital journey is the journey that a client or customer takes when they first hear or see anything about your brand, it could be that one of their friends mentioned the product to you and you watched it on TV then interacted on Twitter and decided to look at their website. Continue reading