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The Curious Case of My Epic Journey Into Social Media Part 3

That sudden realisation that I can actually do this Social Media Stuff

Well since my last blog things really have started to move and extremely fast. One minute I am sitting there thinking “OMG” how am I going to learn this stuff, understand what is going on blah blah blah and the next I am catapulted into plethora of ideas, imagination and people who are so like minded that for the first time in my years I finally have found myself thinking maybe I can actually do this??? I actually find it quite funny as I have always been opinionated, outspoken, and slightly out there but I think in Social you really do have to “think outside the box”.

In a weird way, its like being back at school (and lets be totally honest here most of us couldn’t wait to leave) but learning is actually still fun. OK not all of it especially trying to learn Hootsuite but in essence its bit like going back to the gym again for the first time in how many years you know you can do it, your body says you can do it but your mind says “no don’t be so silly you will never do this you are too old” well the brain is a muscle too, and does need constant exercise without it we would just be slugs! Continue reading